A2B Short Water Pump

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The A2B Water pump filters most fresh water sources to provide clean drinking water after natural disasters or for recreational use. Water can be pumped from many sources including but not limited to:
• lakes
• rivers
• streams
• ponds
• swimming pools
• water puddles
• storage tanks
The pump and filter cannot be used in salt water or when the water has petroleum contaminates like oil, gas, or diesel.
The ceramic filter can clean 600 gallons of pure water or the equivalent of about 2.36 pallets* of water bottles. Replacement filters can be purchased and are easily installed.
*16.9 oz per bottle × 40 bottles per case × 48 cases per pallet = 32,448 oz of water
32,448 oz of water ÷ 128 oz per gallon = 253.5 gallons per pallet
600 gallons ÷ 253.5 gallons = 2.36 pallets
The filter’s flow rate is ½ gallon per minute, as the filter gets dirty the flow rate will be reduced. Simply scrub the filter with a scouring pad and rinse to return the flow rate to ½ gallon per minute
Pump Specifications:
• weighs 6 pounds
• four foot hose and cap
• pump carrying bag & potable water container included
• instructional sheet and warranty card included
• base plate 9.0x3.5 inches
• tall pump: product height 31.0 inches / max height 53.5 inches when extended
• short pump: product height 20.0 inches / max height 32.0 inches when extended
Additional Features:
• garden hoses can be attached to the inlet.
• pump base and inlet can be placed directly into the water source.
• a suction hose can be added to reach the water source as low as 4 feet below the pump base.
• an electric pump with a flow rate of ½ gallon or less can be attached to automate the filtration process.
• replacement filters are available for purchase.
Made from:
• quality food grade plastics
• stainless steel
• potable water hose