About the Inventor

 About the Inventor and Company

Jim Walker invented the Filter Pumper after decades of observing the damaging effects of contamination on hydraulic systems. His lifelong career in the hydraulics industry has given him a degree from the “College of Hard Knocks.” Early in his career he rebuilt hydraulic cylinders and quickly recognized the issues caused by dirty oil and relaxed maintenance. After moving to Oregon in 1976 Jim opened his own hydraulic repair business named Canyon Hydraulics. He and his wife Sherry operated Canyon Hydraulics and later Hydraulic Problems for 30+ years. His major clients were logging operators and constructions firms. His crew repaired many systems and components over the years and poor filtration and contamination were generally always the reason for the down time. Deciding to try to solve the issue Jim looked to design and patent a pump that would transfer fluids easily through a filter while also pumping in both directions. In 2001 US Patent # 6,334,760 BI was granted to Jim.


Since its inception the Filter Pumper has grown from a pump built to transfer and filter hydraulic fluid to a versatile pump that works well with many fluid viscosities. The pump works well with many petroleum based oils such as transmission fluid, motor oil, 80/90 weight gear oils, and double 00 grease. Other applications have been developed by altering or switching key components to different material types. The Static Dissipating and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pumps are the most recent variations of the Filter Pumper.

Filter Pumper line of products are made in the small town of Days Creek, Oregon with the belief that good products are the future of American manufacturing and ingenuity. Each pump has been hand assembled and packaged to ensure top quality.